Joseph Katzman, head of the Arab Shabback division, arrested Ahmad Baroud, a Palestinian, doctor of chemistry and a graduate of the University of Tehran. He was about to carry out an attack in the heart of Israel. Ahmad is immediately transported to an ultra-secure scientific research center, located in the air of a prison in the Negev desert. This laboratory is at the forefront of brain research. The Prime Minister, whose disputed political existence entrusted Katzman, with the mission of using very secret brain's researches with the collaboration of a leading scientist. The goal is to be able to decipher Ahmad Baroud's neural code and obtain crucial information directly from his brain.
Jacques Ouaniche
Creator of Maison Close

Producer of most Vincent Cassel’s movie, he produced ’’As You Want Me’’, ’’Doberman’’ and “Pleasure And Its Little Inconveniences” the second featured film of Nicolas Boukhrief. After these successes, Jacques Ouaniche produced ‘’L’Esquive’’, Abdellatif Kechiche’s first movie for which he will receive five French Academy Ceasars Awards. 
After producing ‘’Madame Edouard’’, "3 Petites Filles” and Djihad, Jacques Ouaniche imagine in 2008 the series "Maison Close". Endorsed by Canal+ as its first original series, Maison Close, despite being almost forbidden for people under the age of 16, is a huge audience success. And Canal+ then ordered a second season to Jacques Ouaniche as writer and a co-director.
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