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When we started our goal already was to produce premium scripted content for young adult and mobile devices first. Today, we’re leading short-form series by distributing our premium acclaimed series overseas and developing new markets.
By actively collaborating with a bunch of well established local partners and creators across the world, we like the idea at the same time fully discover, support and offer opportunities to the best talents for their creativity and diversity.
With more than 50 shows already produced in 3 years. We bring high quality dramas to traditional and new media platforms.
Always excited to search new projects, we like the idea to contribute to the enrichment of local content through new, authentic and relevant storytelling, always connected to our society.
We’re excited today to welcome new friends into this adventure and continue to develop the best international series and always serve all the talents who brought us here.
Thanks for all your support,
Daniel & Patrick
May 3, 2017
Patrick Holzman
Patrick Holzman
Daniel Marhely
Xavier Niel
Los Angeles
Tel Aviv
Blackpills SAS - 3799,20€ capital - RCS 751 897 042
120 avenue des Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris
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